Hello Scout Friends of JOTI 2021

Hello Scout Friends of JOTI 2021,
 This is the 85th Osaka Scout Group in Osaka JAPAN. We are small Beaver Colony.
 We will be on the Skype from 10:00 to 12:00 (Japan Standard Time/UTC+9) on Sunday 17th October.
 Could you please have your contact with us for fun beyond the time difference? Search us on the Skype with the following Skype IDs (begin with "live:********").

◎Skype IDs (Main and Sub are usually available at the event.)
 Main:      live:.cid.4d535c379431bba1
 Sub:       live:.cid.913ee538832544f2
 We also delightedly accept the Video chat from the personal account of your Scouts or Leaders who are at home and interested in our Scout Group.
 See you soon!



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